Monday, 27 February 2017


Around 3000 classes are taking part in Get New Zealand Writing and Room 20 is one of them! We have been sent a box with all sorts of things inside to do for our Writing Project. It was very exciting to open it up last week. Inside was also the address of the class we are writing to. We discovered it was a class in Longbeach in the South Island. CAN YOU FIND THIS PLACE ON A MAP OF NEW ZEALAND AND SHOW US AT SCHOOL?
 When we have completed our Found Poetry Art we will send it down south and they will send us their Project. It's like having a Class Pen Pal! We have until next Friday to complete our Writing Project and have it ready to be picked up by courier !! 
Our first task was to find out all sorts of things about ourselves and share them by recording them on the big poster below. We have almost finished it.

Here are our answers so far! 

 Next we had to learn about Metaphors and what they describe when we read or write them.
We read a Poem together called Iain Sharpe and identified the metaphors we read. We drew what we think the metaphors are describing, and the person, and how he looks and acts.

Then we started writing our own poetry about ourselves using the starter  I am a car I ...
You can read these in our Google Docs under Writing.
Next we will choose a favourite line and transfer it to the postcard below:

We will each write a line of our poem, including the metaphor, on the back of a postcard.

Here is the front of the postcard. We must make this super colourful! When all 30 postcards are put together they will read a Found Poem.

 Now back to our class project!

Lockie is doing a survey for the poster - can you roll your tongue?

Lauren and Sophie are finding out how many siblings we have.

Felicia and Franca are cutting out interesting words from magazines and newspapers to create a Found Poem later.

Rose is doing a survey too - can you lick your elbow? Lucas, Robert and Max M are drawing a map of our classroom.

Tiffany is drawing the weather report for the class at Longbeach School so they can see what the weather is like up here.


  1. Looking forward to the results Room 20. Let me know when you are finished and I will come and check it out. A very excited Mrs Venville xxx

  2. Hello Room 20, I think this is a great initiative to be part of. Great to be able to make connections with another class and I like how it involves investigating where our "buddy" class is. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product and what you will receive back from them too!