Monday, 27 February 2017

Treehouses are all completed with great enthusiasm and design flair!

Leena's model is full of furniture!

Franca has spent a great deal of time re-adjusting and improving her model. 

Athena and Tiffany work together on Athena's model.

Chantelle has a multi storey tree house!

Lauren has used both beautiful and practical materials.

Diamon had super ideas to share.

Terry had so many interesting ideas - I would love to live in your tree house.

Karol has a beautiful design and a super ladder structure.

Valentina has planned and carefully built her model treehouse with great patience.


  1. Love how they are all so different. You must have done lots of planning! You have all used Green Hat thinking

  2. pride and place here at home, she keeps adding to it as well, it will take over the playroom soon.