Friday, 17 February 2017

Look up on Facebook what we have been getting up to as part of Reading this week!

Chapter Chat has a following of 100 schools (that was the limit)! We are reading Tuesdays at the Castle and have been answering the questions and discussing the book as Mrs T reads it to us. We are also doing Reading based activities each week around the book. Check out the postings on Facebook as Mr Lorenzen (coordinator of Chapter Chat 7 Y3/4, a teacher at Wellsford School) has posted our Castle Wall of new WOW words as one of the highlights of the week! Go Terrific 20!

If you are a Twitter Follower you can find us there too.

Every Friday morning we are learning to participate in this giant book club that is Chapter Chat and tweet our answers to some of the week's questions and respond to other schools' tweets. This week the Fantails group made up a template on their Google Docs to plan our tweets. They worked collaboratively on this with Mrs T's help. You can take a look at this on their Google Docs under Reading. Another Reading group will add to this document this week.

It was really exciting to participate in a live event and see the posts go up on the interactive board right before our eyes! So we are so proud of ourselves for trying something new that not only improves our Reading but also connects us to other parts of New Zealand.

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