Thursday, 16 March 2017

Fantastic Trip to the Millenium Centre today!

A giant thank you to Mrs Urlich, Mr Holmes, Mr Withers and Mr Monaghan for helping us all day - we really appreciate it!

Sitting in a kayak was new to lots of people today and everyone was rocking themselves and tipping upside down to feel what it was like to overturn in a kayak. Thanks to Mrs Urlich for swimming in the water and helping us swim our kayaks back to the pool wall.

Great listening everyone - the Pool Instructors complimented us on our wonderful manners and fantastic attitude to challenging ourselves! 

Wonderful team work everyone, those that climbed in first to pull the others out of the water by their life jackets and then those who stayed in the water to push and support those getting into the boat - well done!

Lockie was the last to be pulled in - great to see you helping out your classmates Lockie!!

Mr Holmes and Mr Withers were also getting pretty wet today and helping children push the kayaks in and out of the water!

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