Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Always moving at Sunnyhills School - keeping fit and having fun in Spring weather!

First up we have Max M's Teach the teacher - where he shared some very complicated but fun soccer moves and we all had a really good growth mindset and had a go! None of us sprained an ankle!

We have continued our running training and are thinking of the Huff n puff early next term! Most of us can now easily do 3 laps and pushing towards 4 laps now. Remember to bring your PE uniform and running shoes to protect those little growing bones every Tue and Thur.

Badminton Auckland sent Dhanny to teach us how to play this fun indoor sport. We learned lots of fun warm ups followed by the different grips and ways to hit the shuttle across the net. Once again a really great mindset from everyone and we are keen to have another go next term. Mrs Fowler has bought some more badminton equipment for our PE shed so we can continue playing.

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