Sunday, 13 August 2017

Wacky Dress up Day and Teach the Teacher Friday

Wacky dress up day with all sorts of fun clothes, shoes and hair dos today. All money raised is going to Kids Can - our School Leaders' charity for the term. We have raised over $600 so far. Thank you for your genorosity Sunnyhills Community.

Jack was Teach the Teacher this week and prepared a fantastic slideshow about Greece and the history this country has. It was so interesting to hear about and we had lots of questions to ask Jack too. Well done Jack! 

Lauren taught us how to make a Galaxy in a jar - she showed us how to layer the cotton wool balls and add water and colouring carefully. Some people had brought their own jars and Lauren started to teach small groups of children. She was very patient. Some more people will make their Galaxies next week in the afternoons if they bring a jar and lid to school too.

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