Thursday, 31 August 2017

STEM challenge this week!

Can you design a container for holding popcorn at the movies that can stand up and prevents spillage?

1st - we made an origami prototype to hook us in! In groups of 3 we listed the pros and cons of this simple design.
2nd - Then we brainstormed and made a prototype of a container from paper which tried to use the pros and change the cons!
3rd - we made a final design and were able to use sellotape or staples as well as folding to hold it together.

Here are our designs - spot the handles, flat surfaces, curved surfaces
spot the fill holes, the lids, the folded shapes

Today Mrs T brought some popcorn to truly test our designs - Great Mindset everyone this week. It was interesting to see how different your ideas were which showed me how creative you are. There was lots of collaboration and patience displayed. You maintained a positive manner which meant you could state how your design worked and what improvements could be made next time.

Thank you to Karlia for being out photographer.

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