Saturday, 17 June 2017

Patterns in culture

Hello Terrific 20's whanau and friends
We are beginning our Inquiry into Many Cultures - One land.

I know the children have been researching their families with the Interview Questions they brought home Monday Last Week! They are due by this Friday so that we can begin to use this research in our Inquiry into our own culture. Thank you for helping us in our research.

For Maths this week we will be exploring the patterns that are distinct to different cultures. If you have any examples of these in your home can you please lend them to us for a day? As an example they could be a tablecloth, bowl, scarf, gameboard, picture, tile, tapa cloth, sarong. Please talk about the pattern and write a little description so that your child can read or talk about it with us all. Or if you prefer we would love it if you came into school and described it to us!

We will be learning about patterning, direction, geometry, scale, area, perimeter, rotation, symbolism, making templates and drawing, 

Kia Ora 
Mrs T

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