Friday, 30 June 2017

Artifacts from families in our class have really enhanced our research - thank you!!

A pocket watch from the Trembath Family set the tone for the children to collect their own artifacts from home. There is a story behind every object.

Max has collected many cultural artifacts from his Dad's family from The Nederlands. The colours and patterns used on these things was very traditional.

Diamon has brought in an Irish Whistle and his Family Tree to share - it was so interesting to sketch - a big thank you to his Nanny!

Karol has shared her Chinese family photographs. 

Thank you to all the family members who have copied, telephoned, emailed and even skyped their relatives to enable the children to interview and ask for information!

Jack has a very interesting story behind this statue about his Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather inventing the life jacket (I hope I have the greats right Jack!)

Erin has recently moved here from South Africa and shared a beautiful beaded giraffe statue and a pretty photo of her Mum!


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