Sunday, 30 July 2017

Makey Makey creativity and innovation in R20 for Tinker Time this week!

Today we began to learn how to create an electrical circuit using crocodile clips and materials such as tinfoil and playdoh - as well as ourselves!

We connected our circuit using a Makey Makey board (sort of a digital circuit board) to a laptop. We opened up Scratch to write some lines of simple code including sounds. When the wires were connected to different parts of the board like up arrow or down arrow and the Earth part of the circuit the sound programmed to activate at that command was played by the computer.
Robert taught the group his Scratch skills and Karol, Quinn and Lucas were able to create the beginnings of their Scratch programme.
Mrs T explained the idea of the circuit and then taught Valentina and Rose how to create a circuit to play on her laptop.

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