Saturday, 1 April 2017

Tinker time Science

Tinker time Science this term is about UV - the Ultra Violet light that seems invisible but is blocked by suncream on our skin, our sun hats and rash shirts when we swim. But where is it and does it really exist? Or are our Whanau being over protective when it comes to Slip Slop Slap?!

Mrs Trembath has discovered UV beads!! These little beads have a special pigment inside them that changes when exposed to UV light. Soooo let's get outside and see if we can capture some UV!

Each group of children had a few UV beads to place in different places in the playground. It was a sunny day with just a few whispy clouds, at 12:15pm, so right when the sun is high in the sky. The time everyone says stay in the shade!
Here is a container outside on the netball court. This is just when the beads are dropped into the box - can you see them starting to change from completely clear to... 

We had to keep them in a dark container - here a hat proved to block the sun completely - "wear your hat people". As soon as the children turned the hat over the sun's UV rays changed the beads' colour - it was instant!

The children discovered the beads were brightly coloured in the sun and then as they moved to the shade the colours started to lessen. 

Eventually in the dark shade of the trees and where no sun shone, the beads became white again. 

So in conclusion, we have proved to ourselves the sun does send out UV - ultra violet -  light and it does change the pigment in our skin (like the beads) really quickly! Stay in the shade, under a hat and wear a t-shirt or rash shirt at the beach.

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